Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Leaving Summer Behind. . .

During the autumn everybody gets to hear me profess my love of the season.  The foliage is beautiful, the air is crisp, the morning mist and fog is enchanting, getting the opportunity to wear cute sweaters and jackets, scarves and boots makes me happy, but something else ALWAYS happens. . . I get super busy.  My house work stacks up and my blogs get neglected.  which is sad, because I have plenty to document, and no time to do it.  I still have hoards of summer fun pictures to post and many fall ones.  Even now, I don't have time to do a proper post, but Signe and her little friend had hours of fun playing in the leaves in our backyard two days ago. And of course I stopped what I was doing and ran out to take a few pictures of them.  I thought I'd share my favorite one. . . of each.



And one more! I love this one even though you can barely see the little green frog in her hand.


I need to catch up on my life so I can post more fun fall pictures, and the summer ones too.

Happy Autumn!!

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