Monday, August 22, 2011

Bear Lake: The Reunion

Every year Rob's family makes the trip to Bear Lake,Utah/Idaho (the lake itself straddles the border) for Grandma's Day.  His grandma lives in St. Charles and it became a tradition long before I entered the picture to journey to grandma's and do a service project for her--one year they built a deck, another they painted the house and so on--then they would have a huge barbecue and play at the beach on the north end of Bear Lake.  Over the years the work became less of a focus.  Getting together and having fun is what it is was all about. Though this year Rob's dad and uncle did install a new water heater, so tradition had a rebirth!

Every year after we were married, Rob and I (and eventually the girls) would make the trip. . . until we moved to Washington.  The three hour jaunt to the lake became either a two hour plane ride and a three hour drive, OR a 13 hour drive.  We didn't go for three years.  But this year we decided to take one long vacation which included the reunion.  And to make it interesting, we made it a one hour plane ride, then a five hour drive, where we stopped and played for a couple days, then another three hour drive.  But it was worth it!

True to form, I took a gazillion pictures, so I am going to start with pictures from "Grandma's Day," the actual reunion day: documented.

Grandma & Zoey

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