Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chasing a Moving Target: Family Portrait - Ward Family

I tend to take a LOT of pictures.  I recently filled up the hard drive space on both my laptop and my desktop.  It's true, I could stand to use the delete key a little more! Even still, I really needed a better storage solution.  So I purchased a couple external hard drives and have transferred my images there--yea! Back in business.  But with all these great tools at my disposal, I need to better utilize those tools--Lightroom and Photoshop, and of course, my camera.  Since I do take a lot of pictures and I recently upgraded to the 5D Mark II (Merry Christmas to me!), people tend to assume I know what I am doing.  I try to assure them that is a dangerous assumption!  But since I would like to be as good as my equipment suggests, I practice and research and even (just last month) took an online photography class--which was great.  If you care to know more about that, or the instructor, Jessica, check out her website: 503 Photography.

So when people ask me to take pictures for/of them, I may hesitate, but not long, because I really need all the practice I can get!  So a couple weeks ago when a friend and neighbor asked me to take some pictures of her family while her husband was home on leave, I said yes, of course.

And I learned some very valuable things.  Namely, when three little children aren't interested in getting their picture taken, things get a little tricky!  Note to self: work on being interesting to persons under 6.

Whew!  I hope she found something she liked!

I have been watching some lightroom and photoshop tutorials to better use the two together.  I am glad I have, because I have learned how much easier it is to do things than the methods I had been employing!  I was editing less because the process was so cumbersome before.  Practice, practice! I should probably go clean my house now, however!

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Andrea said...

Jenni, your pictures are captivating....Incredibly well done!!!