Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Idyllic Idaho

There is something about going home that always makes you revert a little to the state of your childhood.  For me that means country living and simple pleasures.

The country is full of things that capture the emotions of a way of life I dream of for my girls.

And they make great pictures too.

My sister's barn makes me want to go hunting barn cats and sit in a hay loft on a sunny day watching a mother and her kittens. . .

and the older the barn the more homey it feels.

The countryside spread out behind it makes life seem simpler. . . even though I know farming is a lot a work, it is an honest lifestyle that connects you to the earth in a way that I love.

It brings you outside and invites you to smell the lilacs,

or pick a daisy.

Where a walk in the countryside, or a hard day's work, is done with a loyal and constant companion.

It's the kind of place where children's laughter fills the yard,

where my niece can be heard whispering, "I love you so bad!"  in a kitten's ear. . .

as she cuddles it up next to her face,

and laughs with pure joy when it purs for her.

Where wishes can be made on dandelion fluff. . .

and sisters love each other every day.

I love going home.

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