Monday, February 23, 2009

Girls in White Sundresses

I have an obsession white white.  And few white things are cuter than little girls in white sundresses.  Since we have had some sun lately I have been thinking of where I will get my girls their white sundresses for Easter--they always have white Easter dresses.  

Last year they are their four cousins--all girls--had matching white sundresses.  We live in different states, but visited Manna's house (grandma) during the summer and happened to all bring the white dresses!  So we took loads of pictures of their fresh, clean, little girlieness:


4IdahoLopers said...

The only thing missing is the blue satin sashes!!

Leedra said...

They are so cute.

I attended a wedding that the mother had a young daughter they asked for all the cousins (little girls) to wear white sundresses. There were lots of photos taken of all the little girls. I know what you mean about how it looks.

I especially like that profile (2nd) photo.

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