Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Beach House

I just love beach houses, and blue and white. . .and this picture.


Veggie Mom said...

Not only do I LOVE beach houses, but I LOVE THE BEACH! Great shot--BTW, I'm new to blogging and I'm running a Great Giveaway on my blog this week. Please try and stop by sometime, OK?

beSmart beGreen said...

beautiful site design.

emily said...

Great photo. I love taking photos as well...your description on your sidebar sound familiar as that is a lot of why/how I got started taking photos! I look forward to seeing more!

Eudae-mamia said...

Blue and white is my ultimate favorite color combo as well. Throw in some yellow, and now you're talking.

Wanted to comment on the hydrangea shots, but couldn't figure out how - newbie! They are glorious - makes me yearn for cooler summers. Just too blessed hot where I am to make them look that beautiful.

Thank you for a "trip" to my mother's garden - she's the queen of hydrangeas.

Congrats on Featured Blogger!